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simplicilty- contentent should be informative but succint and should use a delivery mode that is appropriate to the information that is being delivered. Aesthetics should be pleasing, but not overwhelming tend to distract the user rather than enhanching the interacton.In this web theme objective in the simplest posible manner. Navigation shpuld be starightforword and navigation mechanism. Function sholud be easy to use and easier to understand.

consistency- this design goal applies to virtually every element of the design model.content should be constructed consistently text formatting and font style should be the same accross all document, graphic, consistent look, color scheme and style.

Identity- Interface will be constructed to accommodate diffrent categories of users, navigation will be organized to accomplish diffrent objective.identity for the web app through the design.

Navigability – i shold also be designed in a manner taht is intuitive and predicatable. That is the user should understand how to move about the web app without having to search for navigation link or instructions.It is also important top position links to major webapp content and functions in a predictable loaction on every web page. If page scrolling is required , links at the top and bottom of the page make the user’s navigation tasks easier.

Visual Appeal- Many desine characteristics the lok and fell of content interface layout, color coordination, the balance of text, graphics and other media, navigation mechanisms do contribute to visual appeal.

Compatibility- A webapp will be used in a variety of environments different hardware Internet connection types, operating systems, browser and must be designed to be compatible with each.

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Last updated: December 21, 2018
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